Man describes spa baths, sexual play fights and LSD with former teacher

Source: 1News

Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of alleged sexual violence that may disturb.

On Thursday, a man told Auckland’s High Court how his former teacher supplied him with Class A drugs, cannabis and alcohol, and how their “play fights” turned sexual.


The alleged victim has given evidence in the trial for Leonard Cave, a former music teacher at both Auckland’s Dilworth School and Hamilton’s St Paul’s Collegiate.

The now 75-year-old is facing 14 charges dating back to 1970, the majority linked to Dilworth.

A student accusing Cave of historical sex crimes and drug supply during his tenure at St Paul’s gave evidence on Wednesday and Thursday.

The jury heard the teacher allegedly gave him “acid” or LSD tabs on more than one occasion.

The first time, he claims, was when the pair were at a Hamilton motel.

He said there are periods he can’t remember during the stay and described a feeling of “dread” and “paranoia” after regaining awareness.

The visit allegedly featured the pair sharing a spa bath, during which Cave snapped photos of the complainant.

Those photos have been shown to the jury, and the alleged victim says he can’t remember them being taken.

The complainant also recalls a time where Cave asked to see his genitals, and another where he suggested he pose for photographs.

“He just said, ‘why don’t you get that fire extinguisher and just pretend you’re putting it up your bum?’”

He claims Cave initiated around half a dozen “play fights”, during which the teacher sometimes made grabs at sensitive areas.

The former student described it as “groping, aggressive and weird.”

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“He really wanted to do it and was quite dogged in pursuing these fights, and I couldn’t stop it,” he said.

On one occasion, he alleges Cave assaulted him by using one of his fingers in a sexual act.

The court also heard how the teacher allegedly took the complainant and a friend to an area on the banks of the Waikato River, known locally as “Lover's Lane”.

While there, Cave's said to have pulled out what he called his “bag of tricks”, containing a bong and cannabis.

“It might have been the first time I’d seen (the drug),” the former student said.

He claims Cave continued to supply him with cannabis.

In cross examination, Defence Counsel Warren Pyke claimed no drugs were ever supplied by Cave.

He also suggested there had never been any sexual abuse. The man said there was.

The trial continues on Friday.