Mystics' rough run continues with second Covid wave

Source: 1News

To say the Mystics are going through a rough patch would be an understatement.

Thankfully, Grace Nweke has confirmed a sprained ankle should see her back in the Mystics dress for the upcoming finals and a bid at Commonwealth Games selection but as the competition gets to the pointy end, the defending champs are now three losses on the trot.

On top of all that, there's more problems for the Auckland side, with a second wave of Covid confirmed in the squad.

“I can't confirm what specific areas they are at the moment,” coach Helene Wilson said Wednesday on the cases.

“What I can confirm is any team on any given day can make up of 10 players to play netball - the question is what is the quality product of what we're going to be putting out on court for our fans.”

It’s quality that the Mystics have sorely missed recently along with Nweke who has been out with a ligament tear.

“It’s a tough watch, watching your teammates struggle and not being able to help them,” Nweke said.

“I hope this week is better.”

It needs to be, especially with their lead at the top of the Premiership at stake.

However with more Covid cases expected, their top of the table clash against the Pulse is in doubt.

“The competition rules state that you can request a postponement based on X amount of players being effected by Covid,” Wilson said.