Fair Go: Home left up in the air for months as move goes bad

Kaitlin Ruddock
Source: Fair Go

A beach house has been stuck in the air – literally – for months, because of an impasse with a house mover.

The bach in Pauanui, jointly owned by two families, was supposed to be relocated in June 2021 to an empty section just across the road.

After getting quotes from a couple of different house moving companies, the Arthur and Moore families hired Pateriki, or ‘Rick’, Taikato of Quarry Road Contractors.

They agreed to pay him just over $25,000 to move the house and do the foundations.

After three months, the house was eventually moved onto the site but not into its final position. Taikato told Fair Go he couldn’t place the house until the site has been pegged out, which is the responsibility of the house owner.

The contract does state that “the new site must be marked clearly with pegs... indicating the position where the building is to be placed".

A surveyor had been hired to peg out the boundary, though that didn't include the actual site of where the house should go. The families say Taikato originally told them that would be enough to work off – and they say if he had a problem with the pegs, it had never been made clear to them.

“We got every excuse under the sun. A lot of deaths in the family, that one’s recurring, issues with his trucks, issues with his drivers. You name it, we've heard it,” Cindy Arthur explained to Fair Go.

She also said that Rick refused to take her calls and wouldn’t give a straight answer about why the job hadn’t been completed.

Rick has been on Fair Go twice before over complaints about his house relocation services.

They say the pegs have now been sorted and all they can do is wait to see if the house will finally be laid to rest.

They hope sharing their story will help others when choosing a company to carry out a house relocation.

“It's been hard on us and we'd hate to see others in the same situation that we've been put in”.

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