Council shares hazardous waste warning after recycling truck fire

Source: 1News

Auckland residents have been warned about how they dispose of hazardous waste including batteries and gas cannisters after another recycling truck caught fire on Friday.

Recycling was emptied in the parking lot of Thomas Bloodworth Park in New Market.

Three tonnes of recycling material was sent to landfill after the truck caught fire in Newmarket on Friday.

Thanks to the careful work of the recycling driver, no one was injured when the back of the truck caught fire around Middleton Road.

The truck, which was estimated to be half full at the time, was forced to empty its contents in the parking lot of Thomas Bloodworth Park.

FENZ attended the scene and an investigation into what likely caused the fire will take place.

Parul Sood, General Manager Waste Solutions for Auckland Council, said recycling truck fires have been on the rise in recent years, and the main problem was hazardous waste including lithium batteries and gas canisters

"Because of the compacting equipment in trucks, there is a significant chance of a fire occurring when item are crushed. Electronics and gas items should never be placed in kerbside rubbish or recycling bins."

The Auckland Council website provides further information on what items are deemed as hazardous waste and where they can be safely dumped.