Lotto win sees Wellington workmates share $500k

Source: 1News

After four years of buying tickets together, a pair of Wellington workmates scored a huge $500,000 Lotto win after deciding to change their usual ticket buying routine three weeks ago.

Lotto tickets.

The colleagues (who wish to remain nameless) had always bought a dip ticket with the same Powerball number.

“But about three weeks ago, we decided to change our routine and pick our own numbers. So, we chose half the numbers each and thought we’d see how we got on,”one of the winners told Lotto NZ.

Last Wednesday night it was his turn to check the ticket numbers, and he was left speechless when all six of their new shared numbers came up.

“I checked the ticket again and again and asked my wife to check as well. When it dawned on us that the ticket was a winner, we cracked open a bottle of Baileys with our son, and called our daughter, who shared a drink over the phone with us!”

The man visited his local Lotto store on the way to work to confirm the win. He says he couldn't hold his excitement in when he saw his colleague, and pulled her aside immediately to share the news.

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“She was absolutely over the moon. We’d joked over the years that our Lotto ticket had occasionally won us what we called, ‘petrol money’, so to share this big win together was neat!”

The winning Lotto First Division ticket was sold at New World Newlands in Wellington for the draw on Wednesday May 11.