Deaf dog waiting more than 500 days for home put down by SPCA

Abbey Wakefield
Source: 1News

Gabe, a deaf dog that struggled to find his forever home for more than 16 months has been euthanised by Wellington's SPCA.


“Our team had to make the heart-breaking decision to put Gabe to sleep very recently,” an SPCA spokesperson said.

SPCA Wellington had successfully trained Gabe to respond to sign language, which included commands like sit, lay down and stay.

“Gabe was with us for an exceptionally long time, and we did everything possible to try to find him the right forever home, including multiple trial adoptions, “an SPCA spokesperson said.

The SPCA told 1News Gabe’s mental health deteriorated significantly over the last few months.

“He was constantly distressed, severely anxious and had become aggressive,” an SPCA spokesperson said.

“Our team tried everything they could to help him, including various medications, but nothing was working,” an SPCA spokesperson said.

SPCA has a no time limit policy on animals available for adoption and will wait with them as long it takes to find them a family.

“In the end, a panel of experts decided the best thing for Gabe’s welfare was to end his suffering,” an SPCA spokesperson said.

“Obviously our staff and volunteers who spent time with him are absolutely devastated but know this was the best decision for Gabe and his welfare,” an SPCA spokesperson said.

Gabe was put down on April 13.