How many TVNZ presenters does it take to change a car tyre?

Source: 1News

Like driving a manual or reading a map, changing a tyre is becoming an increasingly rare skill.

Research undertaken by Fair Go has found that by 2025 almost 30% of new cars won’t come with a spare tyre.

That's as manufacturers try to optimise every inch of new vehicles, focusing on aspects like fuel consumption.

In the spirit of friendly competition (with maybe a hint of professional rivalry), Fair Go host Pippa Wetzell and Breakfast presenter Matty McLean have taken part in a tyre-changing face-off.

But there were problems from the start, with the pair unable to even get the spare tyre out of one of the cars.

So using their best powers of improvisation, it quickly became a team effort to try and tackle a tyre change on the other vehicle.

This was probably for the best, with Pippa admitting she’d never changed a tyre before and that she herself doesn’t have a spare in her car.

Pippa Wetzell and Matty McLean attempt to change a tyre.

"This is the blind leading the blind," summed up McLean

"A nightmare," was how fellow Breakfast host, Jenny-May Clarkson, described it.

The second stumbling point, and their eventual undoing, was that neither could locate the tool to loosen the wheel nuts.

"Terrible execution from the two of us," said McLean.

Wetzell summarised that it had been a "really good lesson" of the need to know how to change the wheel in your car and to understand the tools you have.

She said some cars she’d looked at as part of her Fair Go story had neither a spare tyre nor sealant, which can be used as a temporary fix.

Wetzell urged Kiwis to make sure they had something, especially if they drive on back roads where there is poor cell phone reception.