Green Party drops male co-leader rule, adds Māori requirement

The Green Party has removed a rule which requires one of its co-leaders to be male, which the party says affirms its commitment to provide leadership opportunities for non-binary and intersex people.

Green Party co-leaders James Shaw and Marama Davidson sign the government co-operation agreement in 2020.

The party originally had a requirement to have one male co-leader and one female co-leader.

One co-leader still needs to be female, however now the other person can be of any gender.

They have also included a rule that one co-leader is Māori.

The move was part of constitutional considerations decided at a special general meeting.

It was also decided to adopt a te ao Māori organisational framework within the party, create a new party council to provide leadership and to formally recognise the role of Green Party members who are on local councils.