Govt announces $1.4b infrastructure spend for Auckland homes

Source: 1News

Up to 27,000 new homes could be built throughout five Auckland suburbs as a result of major new infrastructure spending, Housing Minister Megan Woods has announced.

Megan Woods.

Woods announced the $1.4 billion package at a media conference in Auckland's Mount Roskill, alongside Mt Roskill MP Michael Wood and Manurewa MP Arena Williams.

Woods said greater housing capacity would be enabled by new infrastructure over the next five-to-16 years in the suburbs of Māngere, Mt Roskill, Northcote, Oranga and Tāmaki.

She said infrastructure capacity for up to 16,000 new homes would be created on Crown-owned land, while capacity for around 11,000 new homes would be created on surrounding privately owned land.

"All up, we're talking about infrastructure that will enable 27,000 houses," she said at a media conference on the announcement.

The money for the new infrastructure has come from the Government’s previously announced $3.8 billion Housing Acceleration Fund (HAF).

“This $1.4 billion of HAF funding will develop build-ready land to enable up to 16,000 homes in the suburbs over the next five to sixteen years," Woods said.

“It’s also estimated the infrastructure work will unlock potential for a further 11,000 new homes on surrounding privately owned land in these suburbs."

She said the money would be used to support the development of Kāinga Ora's large scale projects in the five suburbs. The projects underway in the suburbs replace aged public housing and create "opportunities for new public, market and affordable housing to be built."

“This work will allow for the replacement of around 4000 Kāinga Ora homes past their use-by date, 2000 additional Kāinga Ora homes, as well as 10,000 additional affordable and market homes to be built and available for purchase," she said.

Approximately 5400 homes would be built in Mt Roskill, with 4400 in Tāmaki, 3800 in Māngere, 1200 in Northcote and 1000 in Oranga, according to Woods.

Woods said infrastructure upgrades would "revitalise" the five suburbs through land decontamination work and better water infrastructure.

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Other upgrades would address flooding issues in Mt Roskill and improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure in Oranga.

At the media conference, Woods said the Government would "be entering into a formal partnership agreement" with Auckland Council on Kāinga Ora's large scale projects.

"If the Government didn't step up and put this $1.4 billion in - the simple answer is that Kāinga Ora would probably be able to do some very nice retrofits of existing housing," she said.

"We would not see the ability to create density in this suburb. We would not have the opportunity to bring more people to live in this part of Auckland."

In a statement, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff welcomed the announcement and said new housing would shift more people towards living in higher-density developments.

“The old state houses on large sections did their job well but they are now at the end of their lives. Aucklanders’ and the city’s needs have changed, and we are catering for that through enabling more apartments and terraced housing in compact, liveable communities," he said.

“As our population grows, it makes sense to renew and intensify housing in areas close to good transport infrastructure, jobs, education opportunities, shops and amenities."

Woods went on to say: “Revitalising these suburbs through this investment has so many benefits; creating capacity for new homes, employment opportunities, improved water assets and a lot of potential for emissions reduction with the suburbs already being well served by public transport options.

She said the new investment would "enable quality housing to be built where it is needed most."

"Together with Auckland City we identified these are places where more growth is wanted, with Auckland City also contributing to the cost of these works.”

The Government's Housing Acceleration Fund was announced in March 2021 as part of a package of measures that had been intended to address the housing crisis.

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At the time, Woods said the Government believed the fund would help "green light tens of thousands of house builds in the short to medium term."