More than 400 Parliament protest parking fines outstanding

Source: 1News

More than 400 parking fines, issued in relation to the Parliament protest earlier this year, have yet to be paid.

Streets in the area remain clogged with hundreds of protesters’ vehicles.

Wellington City Council says 612 tickets costing nearly $37,000 have now been issued.

Parking became a major issue during the 23-day anti-mandate protest, with demonstrators blocking several streets and disrupting businesses.

Many people issued with fines during the protest said at the time that they would refuse to pay.

However, 193 tickets have been paid so far.

The Council says payment is due after 28 days and if it isn’t paid within this time, the vehicle owner is given a reminder notice and a further 28 days to pay.

After this period, tickets that are still unpaid can be referred to a debt-collection agency and possibly the Ministry of Justice after that.

If this happens, the vehicle owner will be responsible for also paying any additional collection costs.

Anyone who is having trouble paying the fine by the due date is advised by the Council to contact its parking payments team, where options can be discussed.