Dunedin anti-mandate protesters pack up tents in Octagon

Source: 1News

Anti-mandate protesters occupying Dunedin's Octagon for the last two months have packed up their tents.

Anti-mandate protesters in Dunedin packing down a tent.

The protesters packed up ahead of the Dunedin City Council's 12pm deadline.

Sandy Graham, the council's chief executive, sent a letter to protesters on Thursday last week formally warning them to leave by 12pm on Monday.

"Your occupation and use of this reserve area, including putting up tents, lighting fires and erecting signs are offences under the Reserves Act 1977 and are in breach of the City’s Reserves and Beaches Bylaw.

"These are offences punishable on conviction in the District Court to fines and can result in a criminal conviction being entered against you individually.

"The DCC wishes to give you the opportunity to cease this offending and leave the Octagon Reserve."

Graham's letter said if the protesters failed or refused to leave, they would be committing an offence under the Trespass Act.

The protesters had been occupying the Octagon since February 11, largely in support of the anti-mandate protest in Wellington, which came to a dramatic end on March 6.