Shopper finds ordering groceries from Aus cheaper than NZ supermarket

Source: 1News

An Otago-based grocery shopper found it was 35% cheaper to buy items in Australia and ship them to New Zealand, than to buy them at her local supermarket.

Groceries ordered from Australia.

After seeing her grocery bill balloon in recent months, the shopper (who doesn’t want to be identified), decided to try ordering online from Australia.

The 13 items included rolled oats, pasta, nuts and dried fruit, as well as shampoo, toothbrushes and hair dye.

“The best deal was the toothpaste at AU$2.50.”

The total cost, including tax, was AU$93.30 (NZ$99.47). “I only bought items that were included in a free shipping promotion, so I wasn’t charged for shipping. According to the receipt, shipping would have added $15.”

She then bought the same items at her local supermarket. The cost there was $40 more expensive at $139.96.

“I’ll admit, it’s not a very scientific experiment but it was still pretty eye-opening!” she said. “Thirty-five per cent of my grocery bill is a massive chunk.”

New Zealand supermarkets have recently been investigated by the Commerce Commission.

It recommended a mandatory code of conduct that would help balance the power big chains have over suppliers.

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But this shopper won’t continue to order from Australia.

“I wouldn’t recommend others do it because the order is flown in so it’s not good for your carbon footprint. Shopping local is always better for the environment.”

“Also I now have 10 toothbrushes and a year's worth of almonds to get through.”