Protesters chase Ardern's vehicle down driveway after school visit

Maiki Sherman
Source: 1News

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was rushed out of an event at a school near Christchurch on Thursday after a large group of protesters stationed themselves out front.

Angry protesters surrounded her vehicle as she left Tuahiwi School, with some chasing the vehicle down a long driveway.

Hurling abuse at her vehicle as it left, there were shouts of “go home Jacinda” and “tell the truth” as some protesters ran alongside her vehicle.

The attention then turned to media with comments including, “f**ck off, you’re dirty, you’re rotten”.

The scene was one of chaos and an almost frenzied mentality from those fed up with the Government.

As 1News was interviewing a parent who was taking her children home the situation turned ugly, with the mother pushing a protester who was filming both her and her children.

Protesters chasing Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Christchurch.

The pair got into a scuffle with the protester later laughing at one of the children.

1News intervened to try to calm the situation with the mother’s children still present.

The school’s principal Melanie Taite-Pitama said the protest did not represent the views of their kura, community.

“If there were tamariki that did see parts of it, it would have been distressing. But my kaiako (teachers) are able to support them through that,” she said.

Parents and teachers at the school were visibly upset by the protest, which detracted from an otherwise enjoyable visit for them with the PM.

However, students were largely unaware, with most of the school grounds situated further back from the main road where the majority of protesters occupied.