Tenant ‘stoked’ with $220pw sleep-out after 55 applications

Source: 1News

A Wellington tenant is “stoked” to be living in a sleep-out which is considered the fifth bedroom of a house.

Breakfast revealed the tenant is paying $220 per week excluding expenses for the sleep-out.

They have access to the main house where the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and remaining bedrooms are.

Breakfast's Abbey Wakefield said the tenant had applied for 55 other flats before netting the sleep-out, which she described as a "shed".

It has enough room for the tenant's bed, a chest of drawers and a clothes rack.

Sleep-out in Wellington being rented for $220 per week.

Wakefield had spoken to Renters United who said it was normal for people to go to viewings where there would be 50 to 100 others.

"They end up in a point of desperation where they just want a roof over their head and they'll take anything they can get," she said.

Political and economic commentator Bernard Hickey had earlier told Breakfast rents had risen roughly six per cent compared with a two to three per cent increase in wages.

Breakfast wants to hear renters stories. People can email breakfast@tvnz.co.nz with their story and photos. Breakfast says it will protect your identity and won't go after your landlord.