Kiwi musicians feel 'used' by Government over lack of support

Maiki Sherman
Source: 1News

Some Kiwi musicians are accusing the Government of lying and say they feel betrayed.

They claim the industry helped out with the push for Covid-19 vaccinations but aren't getting the support they need with the country now in Red.

Wahine Māori singer and songwriter Ria Hall and electronic duo Sachi have delivered a scathing review of the Government.

“We just feel like we've been lied to and used and it's just really upsetting,” Will Thomas of Sachi said.

“The response has just not been mana-enhancing, or just hasn't kept our mana intact. And in that there's lots of trust lost,” Ria Hall said.

After a sweet start to summer festivals with Rhythm and Alps taking place just last month, the arrival of Omicron and the move to Red has brought 2022 to a grinding halt.

”For us to only just get off the ground and then have the rug pulled under our feet it's just not sustainable,” Hall said.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is now being accused of betrayal, with Sachi tweeting the Government used the industry as a “poster child to get people vaccinated” – now leaving it high and dry.

“You owe us an apology cos we supported the govt so much during vax campaign… now we’ve had all our work taken away from us and no support in return (sic),” Thomas said.

Government officials met this morning to consider changes to the way support is provided which could see more funding made available sooner. But artists say access is difficult.

“If you know the industry you know that many of our conversations are via text message, are via phone call, are via email exchange, are via messenger – so, it's not your traditional contracted situation,” Hall said.

“We’re just asking for first of all - an apology - and compensation and clarity going forward,” Thomas said.

It’s a message that was delivered loud and clear to the Government on Wednesday.