Kiwi Michael Venus unloads on Kyrgios after doubles loss

Chris Chang
Source: 1News

Kiwi tennis star Michael Venus has returned serve at Nick Kyrgios and the Australian Open crowd, after a raucous rumble in a men's doubles quarter-final on Tuesday night.

Venus and partner Tim Pütz lost a thrilling three-set match against Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis, 5-7, 6-3, 3-6.

But the duo had to withstand sometimes intolerable pressure from a frenzied crowd, riled up by the hometown favourites.

“It felt like a circus out there, and not really a tennis match,” Venus tells 1News.

"Between serves, [they were] geeing the crowd up and getting them to cheer at times like that. I don’t think that’s really on.

“You know if it’s on the other foot, old mate [Kyrgios] would have flipped his lid."

“He already did get mad there by himself. It’s amazing, he can smash a ball out that hits a kid and just ‘cause he gives them a racquet afterwards people can say he’s such a good guy."

Nick Kyrgios (left) and Michael Venus.

The 34-year-old says it was more of a mental exercise for two hours to stay calm.

He admits it would have been impossible not to have been affected.

“Anytime you were going back to get the balls to serve, people are making comments about yourself, your family.”

Venus was complimentary of Kyrgios as a player, but was scathing in his assessment of his maturity.

“On the maturity side, you see why he’s never fulfilled his potential and probably never will,” he said.

“His maturity level, it’s probably being generous to about a 10-year-old, it’s at about that level.”

Venus also said he had received a number of comments on social media after the match.

“The amount of messages I got from people, an extreme amount, way, way more than I’ve ever had but then a lot of messages from people saying how embarrassed they were with the crowd’s behaviour and they’re sorry, it shouldn’t have been like that,” he said.

“They’ll always be his supporters and he’ll spin it in a way that helps him but at the end of the day he’s an absolute knob.”

On a number of occasions Venus legally caught his ball toss mid-serve, with members of the crowd shouting out.

It led to Kyrgios mocking the Kiwi, much to the delight of the fans.