Sydney-based 1News correspondent tests positive for Covid

Source: 1News

1News' Australian correspondent has tested positive for Covid-19 in Sydney, as Covid cases surge in NSW.

Andrew Macfarlane.

The state on Sunday recorded more than 30,000 new Covid cases, with over 250,000 people in isolation.

Andrew Macfarlane says everyone he knows is “resigned to the fact” that they will get Covid.

The reporter has had three doses of the Covid vaccine, and returned negative rapid tests (RATs) for the two days prior to testing positive on Sunday.

Due to growing Omicron cases, Macfarlane says he isn’t sure how he caught the virus. He was at a festival a few days before, but tested negative for the virus afterwards.

The state of NSW on Saturday upped its restrictions, including a ban on singing and dancing in bars and pubs, and major events could be postponed if they pose a high risk.

“It could have come from anywhere…Every few hours you get a notification (mobile app) of a venue you’ve been to that has been visited by a positive case.”

Despite a scratchy throat and a runny nose, he says he is feeling fine, though he believes it could just be the beginning of the infection.

He says it’s a “big relief” that he has had three doses of the vaccine.

“The reality is, it (vaccine) will stop me from getting a super serious run in.”

Macfarlane will need to remain in isolation for seven days, and return a negative result on day seven before leaving.

Though he has tested positive, NSW Health won’t record his result until they change their systems.

From next week, people in NSW will be required to register their positive rapid antigen tests though an app.

That will then count towards the state’s daily case numbers without people needing a PCR test.

He says there will be thousands of other cases like his which have been confirmed, but not reported.

“I think it is a bit worrying that they aren't recording the rapid tests yet, we won’t have a clear picture until then."