Police investigating fake banknotes in South Taranaki

Source: 1News

Police are asking people to be vigilant for fake banknotes after they were presented at South Taranaki businesses recently.

New Zealand money.

“It’s important for people to understand it is both an offence to make, use or be in possession of counterfeit banknotes,” police said.

Police said they were investigating the source of the banknotes.

“If you believe someone is trying to pass you a counterfeit banknote, do not accept it and notify police.

“If you find you’ve already received a counterfeit banknote, put it in an envelope to avoid handling it further, and get in touch with police.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 105, or provide information anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

The Reserve Bank has a number of tips to help people spot fake banknotes:

  • Check the material of the notes. Polymer notes, which are used in New Zealand, have raised printing which can be felt.
  • Check the windows of the note. They should feature a hologram of a fern and a map of New Zealand. It also contains the same bird featured on the left-hand side of the note.
  • The colour of the bird changes when the note is tilted, with a rolling bar going diagonally across.
  • Check the note’s serial number. Each note has an individual serial number printed horizontally and vertically and these numbers match exactly.
  • All images on the note should look sharp – not fuzzy and washed out.
  • Polymer notes should be hard to tear. Most counterfeits are made of paper.