Omicron case active in Auckland CBD

Source: 1News

A border-related Omicron case was out and about in Auckland’s CBD on Sunday and Monday, the Ministry of Health has revealed.

A nightclub and bar are among five Covid-19 locations of interest connected to the case.

The full list of locations and times can be found here

The ministry said there is a risk of transmission to unknown members of the public at these locations.

The ministry said the case tested positive for the virus on day 9 of their self-isolation period. They did not wait for a negative test result before "self-releasing".

They had previously returned three negative tests while completing seven days in an Auckland MIQ facility.

They received their positive day 9 test result on Monday and were immediately transferred to an Auckland MIQ facility.

Whole genome sequencing confirmed the Omicron variant.

A number of close contacts have been identified, but their test results have come back negative so far. They are all isolating.

The case had arrived from the UK via Doha on December 16. They are fully vaccinated.

No other Covid-19 infections have been identified from the flight, the ministry said.

Investigations are underway into the source of the case’s infection.

Those who were at Impala Bar between 11pm on Boxing Day to 3am on Monday are close contacts and should isolate for seven to 10 days. They should get tested at day 5, or immediately if they have symptoms. Those who have not been contacted by public health should contact Healthline.

Those who were at the Commercial Bay precinct on Boxing Day from 2.30-4.30pm and 6.30 to 8pm, Sunny Town on Lorne St on Boxing Day from 2.30-4.30pm, Partridge Jewellers on Boxing Day from 3.30-6pm, Ahi Restaurant in Commercial Bay on Boxing Day from 6.30–8pm, or Soul Bar from 9.30pm on Boxing Day to 3am on Monday are classified as casual contacts.

They should watch for symptoms for the next 14 days, and get tested immediately if symptomatic.

The case visited Commercial Bay shopping centre on Boxing Day afternoon and evening.

"We are taking this situation seriously and taking a precautionary approach," the ministry said.

"However, we do not believe that the individual was highly infectious at the time of the above exposure events."

No exposure events have been identified from the case's movements between MIQ and the accommodation they stayed in while completing their isolation period, the ministry said.

Aucklanders are being encouraged to check the locations of interest list regularly. However, Aucklanders who have no symptoms and who were not at a location of interest at the times specified do not need to be tested.

More information is expected to be provided on Thursday.