2021 in review: The big moments in US politics

Anna Burns-Francis
Source: 1News

Many Americans would have hoped a change of administration would have brought a more peaceful — and quiet — 2021.

But the year kicked off with a coup at the Capitol, and it hasn't slowed down since.

Protests over race, abortion rights and vaccine mandates all hit the headlines, so too did President Joe Biden appearing to fall asleep at a climate change conference.

Still, he managed to take centre stage with a speech that pressed for urgent action.

"None of us can escape the worst that's yet to come, if we fail to seize this moment," he said.

But he's been unable to get his own domestic climate policy over the line, thanks to Joe Manchin — a multi-millionaire and right-leaning member of his own party, who's heavily invested in the coal industry.

Biden's popularity hasn't exactly skyrocketed, but he's doing better than his predecessor's polling.

Donald Trump has been largely ignored by America, after being impeached a second time for inciting the violence at the Capitol.

Still, he's threatening to make a comeback for 2024.