Jokes exchanged as Parliament breaks for summer

Source: 1News

Parliament has officially broken up for its summer break, but not before political leaders had one last dig at each other.

National's new leader Christopher Luxon came bearing a gift for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

"I wanted to gift her a Kookaburra cricket ball because I have to tell you Ajaz Patel was my deadset sporting hero of the year. What he achieved was phenomenal," Luxon said.

"But the Prime Minister made him look very average and that's because she took her spin game to the the next level."

The Greens meanwhile revealed their Christmas tunes.

"I'm dreaming of a 'please check your white privilege Christmas'. It's a traditional Christmas song," Teanau Tuiono told the speaker.

"All I want for Christmas is urban density done well."

David Seymour had been scouring Spotify and reckoned he'd obtained his rivals' playlists.

"Chris Hipkins should have had some Dave Dobbyn," Seymour said.

"He should be playing Welcome Home to the extra million Kiwis - who won't be coming home."

Despite the barbs, the MPs all wished each other a good break.

"I wish you a great break, you bloody deserve it," Ardern told Parliament.