Some businesses sticking to takeaways to avoid vaccine passes

Lucy Anderson
Source: 1News

Several businesses have revealed they will operate as contactless only to avoid using vaccine certificates.

Vaccine pass.

It comes as the country moved into the new traffic light framework on Friday.

Under the new framework, close contact businesses can only operate at full capacity if they use vaccination certificates.

Popular milk and cookie bar Moustache did not open their doors on the first day of the new framework, instead opening for takeaway only.

Owner Deanna Yang explained the decision for the Auckland business in an Instagram post on Friday. “I acknowledge my business is in a fortunate position to survive solely through online and takeaways.”

The Living Room cafe in Devonport have also said their business will remain closed for dine-in service until at least the green traffic light.

Owner Lucy Colmar Jones told 1News “it’s not that we’re not taking vaccination passes”.

“We’re remaining contactless, so we aren’t mandated to do that [enforce vaccine certificates] in the first place.”

Some fitness centres are also adapting, a gym in Lower Hutt say they are running outdoor exercise classes for their non-vaccinated members.

Les Mills clubs are also providing alternatives for people who aren’t double dosed.

In an email to members, the gym offered to put memberships on a Covid-19 pause for up to six months, including access to virtual classes at home.

The Prime Minister is set to review Covid-19 restrictions on December 13, two days before Auckland borders open.