NZ aviation expert says new MH370 theory ‘credible’

Source: 1News

A British aerospace engineer has claimed to have pinpointed the exact location where Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 crashed and sunk to the Indian Ocean floor, fuelling hopes the mystery will finally be solved.

A Malaysian Airlines jet.

Flight 370 vanished on March 8, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China with 239 people aboard.

The original search focused on the South China Sea before analysis revealed that the plane had made an unexpected turn west and then south.

Several searches were attempted, but the plane was never found.

But using new tracking technology, Richard Godfrey believes the jetliner crashed into the Indian Ocean 1933km west of Perth, and sunk to a depth of 4000m.

He said "a number of parties" were willing to use automated underwater vehicles to search a 40 nautical mile zone.

He believed if this went ahead the plane would be found late next year.

Speaking to Breakfast on Thursday morning, aviation expert and consultant Irene King said Godfrey's theory was credible.

"You don't doubt the advances in technology, the advances in simulation and modelling.

"The reality is this is the only chance I can see around the globe. It sounds like it's the most robust theory at the time and he [Godfrey] appears to have the equipment to go down to these enormous depths.

"This seems to be the best we've got at the present time."