Judith Collins heads to pub after losing National leadership

Maiki Sherman
Source: 1News

Former National leader Judith Collins is enjoying a tipple at a pub in Wellington, near Parliament where she was ousted from her leadership position earlier on Thursday.

Judith Collins.

1News understands Collins was there with a number of staff and other MPs including Melissa Lee, and John Mitchell who served as her Chief Press Secretary.

“She’s in good spirits… there’s, dare I say it a weight lifted off her shoulders,” Mitchell said.

“She’s carried a lot of dysfunction in that caucus for some time and I think she deserves a lot of credit for that.”

Mitchell says he plans to leave his position as Chief Press Secretary for the party tomorrow.

“I signed on to sell the National Party and Judith Collins… I’d rather just not be part of what’s going down now so I’d rather just step away and shuffle off into the sunset,” he said.

As for who would take over the role of leader when caucus meets to decide on Tuesday, Mitchell said there were plenty of options.

“It’s very hard to say. It could be any number of people, there’s a number of options.”

Collins was also asked for her opinion as she left the pub. She quickly ruled out backing Bridges or Mark Mitchell for the role, but said Christopher Luxon is intelligent and "a nice man."

In a Tweet to 1News - Collins confirmed she would stay on as MP for Papakura and hopes to contest the seat at the next election.

As for her leadership, however, that chapter has now come to an end.