Baby great white washes up on beach north of Auckland

Source: 1News

A baby great white shark was found washed up on Omaha Beach, north of Auckland on Thursday morning, prompting a warning from one expert for Kiwis this summer.

By Lucy Anderson

The shark was discovered around 100 metres from the local surf club.

Shark scientist Riley Elliot says given the expected mass exodus of Aucklanders when the borders open in December, people need to be mindful of the shark's natural habitat.

“To avoid adverse interactions, don't swim where people are fishing or baiting the water for fish," he says.

He wants to remind people that it's illegal to disturb, harass or harm sharks.

“If you catch one by accident, keep it in the water and remove the hook asap. If you can't safely or swiftly remove the hook, just cut the line close to the hook as the priority is getting the shark back in the water.”

In a post to Facebook, Elliot says a recent report revealed 53 baby great whites were killed in commercial fishing nets in the last eight years in New Zealand.

“It’s always sad to see a shark washed up, especially an endangered species like the great white."

The end goal overall is to ensure the Kiwi attitude of embracing and co-existing with nature continues, says Elliot.

Massey University took the shark's body in for a necropsy.