Auckland funeral home has unclaimed ashes of over 200 people

Source: Seven Sharp

An Auckland funeral home is making it their mission to reconnect one man's ashes with his family.

It may seem like a simple task, but H Morris Funeral Home has held Mr Bruce's ashes since December 1968.

"It's so old now," the funeral home's location manager Dani Halliday says.

"Chances are family have passed away... we have some paper records around [his] family and one phone number but unfortunately that's disconnected now."

Mr Bruce is not alone either. In what staff call "the corridor of souls" the ashes of 243 people wait for someone to lay them to rest.

"There will inevitably be families who don't know there are ashes here, through assumption or they just don't know what to do," Halliday says.

She took out an advertorial in a local paper asking people to reach out.

"Many people came forward, many of whom didn't know if their loved ones are here or not.

"We've had five or six sets of historical ashes that we have been able to reunite [with their families] which has been excellent."

The reality is they won't all find their way home, but they will find a resting place.

The funeral home plans to hold an event, where they will intertwine the ashes and build some form of memorial to celebrate their lives.

But first they are asking any families of which the ashes belong, to come forward and collect them, guilt and judgement free.