Phoenix women still coming to terms with upcoming debut

Source: 1News

The Wellington Phoenix women's side are just over a week away from their inaugural match but for many of the players, the everyday reality of life as a pro-athlete is still sinking in.

Take for example striker Kelli Brown who just 15 months ago was juggling playing in the amateur domestic premiership, university, and work on the farm.

Since then, despite getting the degree, her focus has shifted to just one aspect - professional football - After signing with the Phoenix.

"It’s crazy, I'm just like a girl from a farm,” Brown told 1News.

“And now people are like, 'look at her go!’ It's kind of weird, but cool."

Members of the inaugural Wellington Phoenix women's team.

Playing for a living has long been on Brown's radar, especially since her magic moment at the under-17 World Cup three years ago where she scored a long-range stunner against Finland.

Despite being on a world stage and playing football for years, Brown admits a number of the first-time pros are still adapting to a whole new way of approaching their sport.

"Our days consist of getting up, training, media or gym, team meetings - it's just getting used to the fact that that's what we do now,” she said.

“Usually we do that and have uni or something like that. But I don't have to do that anymore."

For New Zealand's newest pro team, the lessons are set to come and thick and fast.