Iwi-owned petrol station near Gisborne offering NZ's cheapest 91

Source: 1News

An iwi-owned petrol station in a settlement near Gisborne is offering the country's cheapest 91 unleaded.

At APL Rickards Garage in Manutuke, which is open 24/7, people can fill up their vehicles for $2.25L.

Tāmanuhiri Tūtū Poroporo Trust chief executive Doug Jones told Breakfast it came as a "surprise" the iwi's petrol was the cheapest.

According to fuel pricing app Gaspy, the median price of 91 unleaded is $2.50L.

The trust bought the petrol station in August.

Jones said the petrol station was more than a garage, it was "more of a hub".

Tāmanuhiri Tūtū Poroporo Trust's petrol station.

"For us really it’s more of a social benefit that we’re trying to create for our whānau.

"We’re going through a tough time at the moment with Covid and trying to support whānau," he said.

"It’s just about trying to get through the right balance around how can we make it affordable for whānau while also maintaining the asset."

Jones said he is hoping the iwi "can do a little bit more" for whānau, after being able to provide those who were struggling with kai vouchers from the station.

"It’s pretty good to just be providing a service to our whānau. It’s a totally different way of working for iwi."