Bloomfield says low covid hospitalisation rates a 'good sign'

Source: 1News

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield says vaccinations are having a “profound” impact on the country’s current Covid hospitalisation and ICU admission rates, which is a "good sign".

The Ministry of Health on Monday confirmed there were 76 people in hospital with Covid-19, six of which were in ICU or HDU.

Forty-seven of those cases are either unvaccinated or not eligible to be vaccinated.

During the post-Cabinet media conference, Bloomfield said the slow down in hospital numbers were partly due to vaccinations. He said updated figures of modelled number of cases, hospitalisations and ICU admissions would be announced next week.

“You saw through last week that the hospital admissions and ICU bed numbers were not increasing, in fact they dropped towards the end of the week and they’re hovering around 80 at the moment,” said Bloomfield.

“This is a really good sign and it's a reflection of the good work that Aucklanders have been doing by abiding by the alert Level 3.2 rules but also the impact of vaccination which is quite profound so I’ll update on Wednesday about what the modelling is showing.”

As of Monday afternoon, 9851 doses of the vaccine had been administered in the last 24 hours.

The Ministry of Health says they were made up of 3079 first doses and 6772 second doses.