Third of Kiwis want NZ republic, 47% favour keeping monarchy

Source: 1News

One in three Kiwis believe it's time New Zealand abandoned its ties to the monarchy and became a republic, but almost half are happy to keep our ties to the Royal family.

The Queen has been our head of state for almost 70 years and while the royal family's faced rocky times lately, it seems Kiwis are in no hurry to cut ties.

In the latest 1News Colmar Brunton poll, we asked: When the Queen dies, or abdicates, do you think New Zealand should become a republic?

A third said yes, 47% said no, while 20% didn't know or wouldn't say.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said it wasn’t a focus.

“Within my lifetime, I see it as possible New Zealand may move in that direction,” Ardern said.

National Leader Judith Collins favoured retaining the monarchy.

“I quite like having the queen and I quite like the monarchy, seems to work pretty well and it's very good on the budget for us we don't have to pay for it,” Collins said.

Those on both sides of the argument are spelling out their case.

“We have such an extraordinary institution here an incredible head of state a wonderful structure the way this country's constitution is governed,” Monarchy New Zealand’s Sean Palmer said.

“it's not that it ain't broke it's that it's that it works better than any system of government that's its ever been tested anywhere,” Palmer said.

New Zealand Republic’s Lewis Holden would like to see the Governor-General become president.

“The Prime Minister would be the head of Government would have all of the delegated decision-making power as they currently have,” Holden said.

“Actually showing to the world that we are an independent country and we're not a former British colony but also for ourselves every New Zealand child should be able to aspire to head of state of our own country.”