Poll shows 74% of Kiwis support workforce vaccine mandates

Anna Whyte
Source: 1News

Almost three quarters of Kiwis support vaccine mandates for certain workforces in New Zealand.

The latest 1News Colmar Brunton Poll showed the majority at 74% supported the mandate that impacts teachers, health care workers, port, border, and prison workers.

There were 20% who opposed and 6% did not know.

Those polled were asked, "the last few months, the Government has introduced mandatory vaccinations for certain public-facing work forces including teachers and health care workers".

"Do you support or oppose the Government’s move to mandate vaccinations in certain workforces?"

The groups of people who were more likely than average to support mandatory vaccinations for certain workforces included Labour Party supporters (at 86%), people with an annual household income over $150,000 (85%) and people aged 55 and older (81%).

The people who were more likely than average to oppose were people living in the Waikato (at 30%).

The Government has said that the particular sectors which require workers to be vaccinated are due to working with populations that are unable to be vaccinated (such as children under 12), people who have an increased risk of getting severely sick from Covid and people who are at risk of outbreaks.

The mandate on education workers extends to anyone who has contact with children or students while working or would be at a place where children or students are present.

The mandate does not include those at tertiary institutions or playgroups.

All workers in health and disability jobs need to be vaccinated, including anyone working in a hospital or rest home.

Both health and education workers needed their first vaccination by Monday this week and need their second by January 1, 2022.

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It was estimated about 2000 health workers employed by DHBs may have lost their jobs, with it estimated about two or three per cent were unvaccinated.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins said there was "less than a dozen schools having significant issues" over the vaccine mandate with staff.

"That's not to say that other schools haven't had to juggle things around to deal with the fact they may have had a few teachers who weren't willing to be vaccinated.

Between November 6-10, 2021, 1001 eligible voters were polled by mobile phone (501) and online (500). The maximum sampling error is approximately ±3.1%-points at the 95% confidence level. For party support, percentages have been rounded up or down to whole numbers. The data has been weighted to align with Stats NZ population counts for age, gender, region, ethnic identification education level. The sample for mobile phones is selected by random dialling using probability sampling, and the online sample is collected using an online panel.