Increased number of births in 2021 confirm lockdown baby boom

Source: 1News

While the threat of Covid-19 has New Zealanders concerned about the loss of life, recently revealed statistics show the pandemic has led to a 'lockdown baby boom'.

A mother and her baby (file image).

Stats NZ figures up to September 2021 show an increase in the number of births compared to the same time last year.

There were 59,382 births in New Zealand in the year ending in September 2021, up from 57,753 the year prior.

This year's birth rate is the highest since 2015, while the fertility rate has also risen from 1.63 births per woman to 1.66.

As a result of the increased number of births, Parents Centre Aotearoa said they had seen an 8 per cent increase in antenatal class participants on average compared to other years.

The number of deaths had also increased from the previous year (34,578, up from 32,670), although were nearly identical to the number seen in 2019 (34,143).