A look at vaccine passes set to be released this month

Source: 1News

There will soon be an extra step to snapping up tickets for the hottest events on our shores.

Kiwi company MATTR is developing New Zealand's domestic vaccine pass to be used when the country moves to the traffic light system.

Chief executive Claire Barber told 1News the company was creating the "bottom layer" of the technology which the Ministry of Health could use to generate the passes to the public.

MATTR will also support the ministry's verifier app for businesses to confirm a person's vaccination status.

"Other organisations can take what they've built and plug into it, so for example Air New Zealand could want to build this capability into its own app so instead of having two, you'd be able to say 'I'm vaccinated, here's my boarding pass' and get on the plane and go," Paul Brislen of the New Zealand Telco Forum explained.

He says simplicity is key.

"You've got to be able to use it offline as well. So there will be a paper version, but also the app will download your status to your phone so if you're out of coverage or in a basement and there's no signal you'll be able to hold it up and still get through the door.

"It's that ease of use, it's got to be frictionless," Brislen said.

Australia already has a vaccine certificate that can be loaded on your phone and integrates with the check-in app.

However, it's not flawless, and the certificate has been shown to be able to be sent to another person to use.

Brislen says that to avoid that issue, the vaccine pass in New Zealand will likely need to be shown alongside some form of photo identification.