Ardern shares photo to celebrate Robertson's 50th birthday

Source: 1News

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reposting an image of a young Robertson on social media.

Thanking people for the birthday wishes, the Minister of Sport and Recreation also took a sly dig at his own sporting achievements.

"I never quite managed a half century playing cricket, so feels good to get here in life," Robertson wrote.

"Not sure quite what this young fella thought life might hold, but grateful for all that has happened and that which is yet to come," he added.

Ardern reposted the image of her "dear friend" with her own message.

"It's my dear friend Grant Robertson's 50th birthday today. I have known Grant for going on two decades. Everyone gets to see his hard work and intellect, but I get to see his kindness and humour.

"One of his favourite sayings is 'tidiness isn't everything' which I am sure his younger self would appreciate. He's given so much of himself to serve New Zealand, including publicly sharing this adorable photo. Happy birthday @grantrobertsonmp," Ardern captioned the Instagram photo.