West Coast in race to boost languishing Covid vaccine rate

Source: 1News

It is hoped that Delta’s unwanted arrival in Christchurch will result in a boost for West Coast’s vaccine rate, with the region’s rate languishing among the lowest in the South Island.

Buller District Mayor Jamie Cleine says he’s nervous about the low vaccination rates. “We know they are quite low, among the lowest in the South Island.”

Only around 60 per cent of all three districts are fully vaccinated and some are putting the low uptake down to misinformation.

The Masonic Lodge is operating as a vaccine centre, with Cleine hopeful the uptake will improve as the town sits at just 59 per cent fully vaccinated.

But it’s not just about Buller, the entire West Coast needs to up its game to hit that magic 90 per cent mark. Currently, there are 4200 people are yet to start the vaccination process.

The low uptake has made the three West Coast mayors competitive, determined to get to 90 per cent first.