Two arrested at anti-lockdown hīkoi at Auckland border

Source: 1News

Two people have been arrested at the anti-lockdown hīkoi after trying to cross over Auckland's southern border. 

Dozens of cars staging a hīkoi were met by a large police presence denying them entry into Auckland.

The pair were caught trying to walk through the Level 3 boundary over train tracks near where the anti-lockdown group are camped out in Mercer. 

Both men have received a court summons for breaching the Covid-19 health order.

The hīkoi, organised by self-proclaimed movement the Soverign Hīkoi of Truth (SHOT), began on Tuesday in Rotorua, making its way to Auckland in hopes of heading on to Waitangi to "assert their rights" against Government. 

A group of the protesters have been verbally trespassed in what police are calling an "unfolding situation" at an Auckland checkpoint. 

On Wednesday, dozens of cars flooded Auckland's southern boundary to protest vaccination mandates and travel restrictions but were blocked from crossing.

"Police are engaging with the protesters and encouraging them to leave the site," a police spokesperson said. 

"Those who refuse to leave the area this afternoon will likely be arrested for trespass."