DHB limits visitors to facilities after Christchurch cases

Source: 1News

Canterbury DHB is limiting the number of visitors to all of its health facilities after two Covid-19 cases were found in Christchurch. 

Christchurch Hospital.

The DHB’s facilities include Christchurch Hospital, Ashburton Hospital, Darfield Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, and Akaroa Health. 

The restrictions will be in place from 11.59pm Thursday and will be reviewed on Monday. 

Elective surgeries will continue as planned, unless a person is told otherwise. 

Children under 16 and people who are unwell cannot visit under any circumstances, except in emergencies. 

Meanwhile, visitors can only go to the DHB’s health facilities:

  • to visit a person receiving end of life care
  • to provide support to a person with a disability
  • to enable one parent/caregiver to be with a child who is in hospital
  • CHOC – (Child Haematology Oncology Centre), one parent to accompany/stay with each patient
  • as a parent visiting the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • ICU – one nominated person may visit once per day during visiting hours and be the only visitor for the duration of the patient’s stay
  • Specialist Mental Health Services – one support person to accompany someone presenting for acute assessment or urgent care
  • For maternity care:

  • one support person only to accompany someone presenting for acute assessment
  • women in labour in a maternity facility are allowed two support people for the duration of the labour and birth
  • women can have one named support person for the duration of their postnatal stay
  • LMCs may visit women postnatally in our maternity units
  • People who are allowed to visit must wear a face covering or mask at all times unless they are exempt and can show proof of exemption. 

    The DHB said additional exceptions may be made on compassionate grounds.

    “Limiting our interactions with others is one of our best defences against Covid-19,” the DHB said.