Auckland family battling with home isolation after getting Covid

Source: 1News

One South Auckland household is doing it tough in home isolation, which is becoming a reality for more and more Kiwis as Covid cases continue to soar.

Almost 300 people are currently self-isolating in Auckland as New Zealand shifts from elimination to suppression of the virus.

Both Lorraine and her partner have Covid, they were diagnosed last week after he went to hospital with severe abdominal pain.

“They said, for him to come home, there has to be two bathrooms just to help with the spread of that and I explained that that wasn't the case," she said. 

“We've only got one bathroom, but I think at that point it was clear that he had to come home anyway,” she told 1News. She added that she is now sleeping on the floor of their lounge.

Two of her daughters have tested positive for the virus.

“There’re no words to describe it, it's unbelievable, it's been quite disheartening,” she said.

The family is part of a new wave of households isolating with Covid-19.

Authorities say it's needed as Auckland shifts from elimination to suppression of the virus.

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield earlier this week saying the move was needed.

“Remembering that this is a part of our move to a highly-vaccinated response in a highly-vaccinated population,” he said.

Assessments are carried out to determine who's suitable for the model.

“That includes their heath, medical needs, as well as the social supports, the nature of others in the household that may be vulnerable.” Bloomfield said.

Currently, 288 Covid patients are isolating in households across Auckland.

Preparations are underway for that number to skyrocket.

Awerangi Tamihere of Waipareira Trust says the agency has been looking at "campervans, mobile vans - that at least can be put in the driveway for that whānau to keep them separate".