Collins and Seymour return to Auckland today

Anna Whyte
Source: 1News

Opposition leader Judith Collins and ACT leader David Seymour are today returning to Auckland. 

David Seymour and Judith Collins.

Collins said it was "very clear that Auckland expects its leaders to listen", adding it was her second visit in the last month. 

Seymour said he was visiting "to see and hear how Aucklanders are coping as the city enters its eleventh week of lockdown".

"I will be following all the Alert Level rules while in Auckland, while seeing and talking to as many people and business owners as possible."

Both were in Wellington at Level 2 settings, while Auckland is at Level 3.

Rules in Parliament require any MP who had been in a Level 3 area to have a negative Covid test in the 72 hours before returning to Wellington, followed by five days isolation in Wellington and a negative day 5 test.

The question was posed to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday if she would visit Auckland. 

"If I went to Auckland now I wouldn't be able to come back to Parliament, I would be required to isolate for five days. I've done everything I can to maintain contact with those on the ground to understand the pressures. 

"The reason I haven't been able to go home, and Auckland is my home, is that it would curtail my ability to be here in Parliament, but I am thinking of ways that I could safely do that in the future. 

"I have family there, I have friends there, but I also have a duty to run the country."

Ardern was in Auckland the morning of August 17, returning to Wellington that afternoon after the first community Delta case was announced.