Wellington Paranormal officer joins search for bucket missing from iconic sculpture

Source: 1News

Officer O'Leary from hit TVNZ show Wellington Paranomal has joined in the search for a yellow bucket missing from Cuba Street's iconic bucket fountain.

One of the yellow buckets on the fountain has been missing for almost a month, presumed stolen.

It's lost a yellow bucket once before, which was eventually returned.

"There's cameras at either end of the mall, so hopefully we can nab the culprit," Wellington City Council asset manager Jacqui Murray said.

"We'll work with our insurers and the police, we'd like to see what can be done."

The council plans to install a new bucket if necessary, at the cost of around $4000, but it would prefer to get the original back.

"Just hand it in, no questions asked. We'd really like to see it returned," Murray said.

Watch the video above as Officer O'Leary joins 1News to pound the pavement in search of the missing bucket.