Police ready to halt overnight cross-border hīkoi

Source: 1News

Police intend to stop a hīkoi intending to travel from Rotorua to Northland overnight from crossing the alert level boundary.

A file image of a New Zealand Police officer at a public gathering.

In a statement on Tuesday, police said there would be an increased presence at the Auckland boundary and those found deliberately breaching restrictions can expect enforcement action.

Anyone found to have unlawfully crossed the Auckland boundary may also face difficulties in returning to their place of residence given the restrictions in place.

"These boundaries are in place to help stop the spread of Covid-19 given the increased risk that the Delta variant poses to our communities," police said.

"Police and iwi are coming to this kaupapa from the same place and we remind those intending on taking part in this hīkoi that crossing the boundary cannot happen until such time as Covid-19 restrictions allow for this."

As part of their planning, police are advising those due to undertake permitted travel late on Tuesday to delay this if possible, with road closures likely to be put in place if those involved in the hīkoi attempt to unlawfully cross the Auckland boundary.