Govt in talks about mandating Covid-19 jabs for more workers

Source: 1News

The Government is working with businesses, unions and employee groups about the possibility of mandating Covid-19 vaccinations for more workers, Grant Robertson says.

However, the Deputy Prime Minister told Breakfast the Government was moving "carefully" in territory not covered by employment law before.

"This is new, we haven't had this situation before and employment law hasn't really ever covered it," he said.

"We've obviously done that (mandated vaccines) for a number of our own workforces as the Government and we'll have something more to say about that very shortly, around how we want to support people through that."

So far, border workers, health and disability sector workers and education sector workers have been made to get mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations .

But that list may be extended.

"We know people want certainty in this area and Cabinet is going to be discussing those matters today and there will be an announcement to be made very shortly," Robertson said.

"We want to be careful about the way we move through that.

"Clearly when you're in a public facing situation I think a lot of this is going to come down to what the public want, and most members of the public are going to want to go into premises where they've got confidence about the vaccine status of the people who are there.

"Obviously where you've got a vaccine certificate regime in place for customers coming in, then you've got to make some assumptions about what it'll mean for the staff who work there as well."