Salvation Army shops take severe hit from lockdown

Source: Q and A

The Salvation Army is facing a big hit to the income they use for social services, as a result of Family Stores being closed.

Colonel Gerry Walker told Q+A's Jack Tame more than $2 million in revenue had been lost over the course of Auckland’s lockdown.

The organisation has been able to rely on other funders, as well as Government departments.

“When we went into Covid last year, we did a lot of pre-planning and forecasting, and through some prudent management we’ve been able to continue providing services to the community.”

Walker said the lost money is only part of the problem, with Family Stores also serving as a focal point of the community for many.

“The Family Stores are a destination for people – we have people who come in two or three times a week to those stores.

"So they’ve lost the connection, it just reinforces isolation.”