Peeni Henare urges younger Māori to stand up and get vaccinated

Source: 1News

The Government has tagged more than a $100 million to increase Māori vaccination rates, with half of it set to land almost immediately.

The Associate Health Minister Peeni Henare telling 1News that the new traffic light system is also set to impact on tangihanga once DHBs get to 90 per cent coverage.

He told media this morning that while kuia and kaumātua had led the way with immunisations, it was the turn of younger generations to stand-up.

“To our people, koinei te wā, now is the time.”

Nationally, 67 per cent of Māori have had one jab, while 46 per cent are fully immunised.

The job for DHBs to get regions to 90 per cent tethered to increasing the indigenous rate. That triggers the traffic light system which allows more freedoms.

“In order to get, for example, Te Tai Tokerau vaccinated above 90 you need to have Māori on board, if you don't you will not reach 90 per cent,” Henare said.

Iwi and Māori providers will receive half the cash next week, a second phase will be released in November.

Te Puea Winiata from Turuki Health in South Auckland saying the funding would make a huge difference.

“We can’t afford to be waiting around for funding and contracting as we traditionally do - the money needs to come straight out to providers.”

Henare also outlined new rules for tangihanga, funerals, under the pending traffic light system.

“We’re saying is that if you have vaccines at orange and green, if you have vaccine certificates you can continue to hold tangihanga without restrictions in numbers.”

“If you get to red, you can continue to have tangihanga but you have a capped number for those who use vaccine certificates. if you choose not to use vaccine certificates then your numbers are capped.”

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