Isolated Kiwis get Covid jab thanks to DHB road trip

Source: 1News

Vaccination teams have taken to the mountains in order to make sure everyone in the South Island has equal access to the Covid-19 jab. 

The group from the West Coast DHB are trying to reach the 7000 people eligible for the vaccine who still haven't been jabbed in the region.

Their vaccination roadie saw the group find people a little further off the grid. 

People on the West Coast getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

"These people have a right to the vaccine as well and its less accessible for them here," West Coast DHB's Helen Gillespie told 1News. 

Once reaching Arthur's Pass, the group had a very warm welcome from residents keen to line up for their vaccine. 

A team of vaccinators from West Coast DHB set out to reach some of the region's most isolated communities.

Local man Barry told 1News he was really grateful to get jabbed, with his tiny town now the first in New Zealand to hit 100 per cent vaccinated.