Police receive 'multiple reports' about Auckland party

Source: 1News

Police have received a number of reports after footage of an Auckland party was posted to social media on Saturday night, angering people in the locked-down city.

Footage shows a large number of people partying inside, not wearing masks and ignoring social distancing.

"Police have received multiple reports via 105 in relation to this video clip," police said in a statement on Sunday.

Currently in Auckland, no more than 10 people can meet outside as a group,  with restrictions. 

Vision from the party was posted to Instagram overnight, but has since been deleted by the original source. 

It has infuriated people on social media, many who spoke of the restrictions they are facing due to the Covid-19 Delta outbreak which has seen Auckland in lockdown for two months.

 "What a slap in the face to everyone doing their part, and those just trying to get home. I hate people," one person commented on the video.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff also condemned the alleged breach in a statement to NZ Herald.

"After a fantastic Super Saturday that saw record numbers of Aucklanders doing the right thing, it's a shame to see a small minority of selfish people choosing to behave like idiots.

"Parties are exactly the sorts of activities that can lead to a super spreader event.

"But this does not reflect the vast majority of Aucklanders who are continuing to follow the health rules to protect their families and community."

It comes as one of those at the party has since apologised on social media.

"I can’t speak for everybody else that was at the party but I know myself that it was a huge regret and I’m not even just saying that because we got caught, it was selfish and overall a stupid decision but the death threats cyber hate and personal attacks towards people shouldn’t be condoned," the post said.