Bloomfield says Auckland house party in lockdown 'disappointing'

Source: 1News

A North Shore house party which clearly breached Covid-19 restrictions was not only disappointing for himself, but also "disappointing for Aucklanders who are doing the hard yards", Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield says.

Police on Sunday told 1News they had received a number of reports after footage of the party was posted to social media on Saturday night.

Footage shows a large number of people partying inside, not wearing masks and ignoring social distancing.

"Of course it may be disappointing for me but I imagine it's even more disappointing for Aucklanders who are doing the hard yards here," Bloomfield told Breakfast on Monday. 

"To those who are doing those things - just don't. It's not going to help and it's not going to help Auckland come down out of the Alert Level 3 restrictions sooner."

However, Bloomfield added this activity was not common.

"It's very much a small minority doing this, what we see is the vast majority of Auckland still doing exactly what needs to happen and that is abiding by those Alert Level 3 restrictions.

"So huge thanks to them, that's where the focus should be."