'Get your jab bro' - Plane with message flies over anti-lockdown rally

Source: 1News

A plane with a pro-vaccination message flew over an anti-lockdown protest at Auckland's Domain on Saturday.

It's the second rally held at the park, with many in attendance not wearing masks. 

A light plane flew overhead, carrying the message "Love NZ - Get Your Jab Bro".

Uniformed police were in attendance, as they were at the first rally a fortnight ago. 

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki and another man were later charged with breaching the Health Act.

Tamaki was in attendance at Saturday's event, and spoke to the crowd. 

Police have said they expected to charge a number of organisers of this rally in the coming days. 

A separate rally in Auckland saw people protesting in their cars against the vaccine mandate for teachers.

The Government will make it mandatory for anyone working with children at schools and early learning centres to be vaccinated by next year. 

People took to the Auckland Domain to express their opinion on lockdowns, but someone took the opportunity to share a pro-jab message.

The protest comes on Super Saturday, where people around the country are being encouraged to get a Covid-19 jab.