Subclusters no longer being used to track Auckland's Delta outbreak

Source: 1News

The Government has stopped using subclusters as a tool to chart the Covid-19 Delta outbreak in Auckland as the number of unlinked cases grows. 

Nurses carry out Covid-19 testing

The Ministry of Health announced 65 new cases on Firday, 31 of which are yet to be epidemiologically linked to the current outbreak. This takes the total unlinked cases up to 107. 

Subclusters had been used to help keep track of where new cases were located but as more cases are unable to be linked, they become more difficult to group.

The Ministry of Health said epidemiological links between cases was still being investigated through interviews and genomic sequencing but their approach to the outbreak had changed. 

"Given the number of unlinked cases each day, subclusters are not currently being used in the active management of the outbreak in Auckland. 

"The focus is on isolating cases and identifying, testing and isolating close contacts." 

As of Thursday, there had been 16 clusters linked to the Auckland outbreak, along with 14 unlinked clusters. Eight of these clusters across both groups were still active.