Councillor Efeso Collins calls on Kiwis to get the jab

Source: 1News

Auckland councillor Efeso Collins has called on “all of our locals, all of our whānau, all of our bubbles” to get vaccinated against Covid-19 ahead of the nationwide Super Saturday Vaxathon event.

“That’s the only and foremost defence we have against Covid-19,” Collins told Seven Sharp.

He said they’ve seen a “real decline in the level of hesitancy” in the South Auckland area in “the last little while” as churches get involved in the vaccine rollout.

"As that trust has started to lift, we’ve reengaged the community. We’re now seeing more and more people get vaccinated.”

Collins said there will be vaccination centres across the city and “I want to encourage everybody to go along”.

“You are part of our whānau - you are part of the whānau of five million. We’ve got to look after you. No one’s going to get left behind.

“We’re going to hold up this boat, this airplane, until everybody’s vaccinated because that’s what it’s about - keeping everybody safe.

“I’ve got children - I’ve got two young girls - and it’s important for them that they know that they’re safe and the best protection that we can offer them at the moment is for everybody to get vaccinated.”